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Cieszyn – January 27, 2020

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day in a penitentiary in Cieszyn, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a lecture and presentation on the commemoration the murdered Jews buried in umarked mass graves, performed by the Lasting Memory Foundation.

Zamość – January 16, 2020

In a penitentiary in Zamość , Zbigniew Niziński delivered a lecture and presentation about the commemoration of the Holocaust Victims by the Lasting Memory Foundation, respect and brining aid to other human beings as well as preventing genocide.

Pobołowice – December 2, 2019

In Pobołowice the Lasting Memory Foundation commemorated the place of execution and burial of approximately 20 Jews murdered by the Germans in the Death March on December 1, 1939. The ceremony of unveiling a memorial stone was attended by local residents and invited guests who paid tribute to the Dead.

Parczew – October 20, 2019

In Parczew, the President of the Lasting Memory Foundation took part in the ceremony of unveiling a memorial plaque of approximately 6 thousand Jews from Parczew and the area murdered by the Germans during World War II. The participants recalled the story of local Jews and read psalms.

Warsaw – November 9, 2019

In Warsaw Zbigniew Niziński met with the youth from Karmiel in Israel. During the lecture the students found out about the actions of the Lasting Memory Foundation for commemorating the murdered Jews and Poles saving them during the Holocaust. They were told about and shown the pictures of the graves of the murdered Jews located by the Foundation with the assistance of local residents.

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